Food Safety and Security concerns are central issues for the food industry. Producers, Manufacturers, Growers, Packers, Shippers, Processors, Exporters, Distributors, Caterers, hotels, Fast Food Restaurants and retailers, can all take active measures to help protect the health of their customers, as well as reduce the financial risks to their companies, by implementing efficient and cost – effective Food Safety programmes.

JMA offers a range of Food Safety services that best meet the unique needs of each company, which can be provided individually or combined for greatest cost savings:

Certification: for your HACCP Food Safety Management System Program & ISO 22000:2005 Program

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is a scientific process control system for identifying and preventing physical, chemical and biological hazards at critical points in the food production and distribution process. For companies operating under ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005, JMA includes a HACCP Food Safety Management plan review in its GMP, SSOP and GAP audits. In addition, JMA independently verifies other third party HACCP programs as part of its vendor Management program.

Companies that want to demonstrate and communicate their deep commitment to food safety may seek full JMA HACCP Food Safety Program Certification, or initiate Food Safety Verification Testing of their operating plants, fields and restaurants. JMA also provides guidance to companies seeking to establish a comprehensive HACCP based Food Safety Management plan.

Third Party auditing and Inspection services

JMA conducts Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Sanitation Standard Operating procedures (SSOP), Good Agricultural Procedure (GAP), Fast Foods, Restaurants, and Retail Food Safety audits for companies representing all sectors of the food industry. Annual and/or seasonal audits can be conducted across multiple areas: production, receiving, packing/repacking practices, growing practices, pre-cooling and cold storage, quality, Food Security and HACCP.

Supplier/Vendor Management Program: A program for managing risks in the supplier chain

This program is designed to assist producers/manufacturers, growers, distributors, fast foods, restaurants, in ensuring that their suppliers/vendors comply with internal company food safety policies. This is accomplished by creating a uniform review process for verifying the various GMP/GAP audit
check list. The Supplier/Vendor Management Program provides a higher level of QA/QC by standardizing risks assessment and auditing processes. This is achieved, in part, by implementing a customized database system for your suppliers.

Validation of HACCP/GMP/SSOP/GAP: A program to verify internal Food Safety procedures and to have a sustainable confidence in regulatory compliance

GMP, SSOP/GAP validation is a cost-effective solution for companies with well-developed internal food safety programs. The validation process involves a third-party review of internal programs to determine compliance with industry standards.

JMA selects and audits a representative number of food plants, growers and restaurants to yield a 98% confidence rating in their Food Safety processes.

Pre-Audit Inspection Services

JMA provides Pre-Audit Inspection Services for review and implementation of food safety management programs. Food security programs, and quality programs tailored to reflect the specific financial and staffing needs of a company.

HACCP(Food Safety) Plan and GMP, GAP, SSOP, Hygiene Training

1. HACCP: Principles and Applications
2. GMP
4. Total Quality Management (TQM)
5. Train-the-Trainers
6. Product Shelf-life
7. Product Recall/traceability
8. Regulatory Compliance
9. Risk Assessment
10. R & D(Research and Development)
11. Biovigilance/Plant security

GFSI Auditing Services: AIB, BRC, SQF, ISO 22000:2005

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