James Marsh & Associates(JMA) is a professional consultancy service providing kosher accreditation to ingredient and retail product manufacturers alike. Kosher certification is a standalone international quality standard which is increasingly prevalent in the food ingredients sector.  As you would expect from a leading orthodox kosher certification agency JMA recognizes that tastes and health concerns are changing and is quick to react to and service these new trends in food production.

The opportunity

Ingredient buyers specify kosher knowing that their supplier’s manufacturing process has been independently audited. This gives an extra level of comfort that is not always there with other certifications. In some supply chains manufacturers of certain ingredients have no choice but to certify for kosher if they are to qualify for inclusion on the buyers list. In some companies where the final products may not be certified the manufacturer will nevertheless insist that all ingredients comply with kosher standards.  Furthermore in this age of rationalisation of supply chains buyers are looking for fewer suppliers that can provide a wider range of ingredients. Those able to offer both kosher and non-kosher ingredients are more likely to win the business. What are your customers demanding?

When a product or establishment is certified Kosher, it signifies that an establishment or a company with a strict policy of Kosher food laws, including cleanliness, purity and quality. It is the highest standard of Kosher foods, built on a deep level of trust between manufacturers, producers and consumers.

  1. We do a complete overview of your company, line of products, sales and marketing, R & D department, etc., and make recommendations where indicated.
  2. We then set you up with special guidelines customized for your line of products or service!
  3. We offer on sight seminars to familiarize you with a necessary understanding of kosher and how it applies to you, your company, your clients and the consumers that will ultimately use them.
  4. Included are follow up surveys by us to monitor all facets of your Kosher program not covered by your certifier and advise you as needed! We will provide you with written reports upon request and recommendations to help you along the way!

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